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  1. Centennial apps are out of date - as of 10.08.16 (or 08.10.16 for US residents) however are still functional on latest insider build 15019! Centennial apps will continue to function as long as M$ keep support for them It may be possible soon that centennial x86 apps will run on Win10 for ARM (but take that with a mountain of salt )
  2. Build 10.0.14951.1000.rs_prerelease.161014-1700 Platform(s): Windows Desktop and Mobile. Ring: WIF Build: 10.0.14955.1000.rs_prerelease-161020-1700 Platform(s): Windows Desktop and Mobile Ring: WIF Build 10.0.14959.1000.rs_prerelease-161026-1700 Platform(s); Windows Desktop and Mobile Ring: WIF Build: 10.0.14965.1000.rs_prerelease-161103-1700 Platform(s): Windows Desktop and Mobile Ring: WIF and WIS Build: 10.0.14971.1000.rs_prerelease-16111-1700 Platform(s): Windows Desktop Ring: WIF Build: 10.0.14977.1000.rs_prerelease-161118-1823 Platform(s): Windows Mobile Ring: WIF Build: 10.0.14986.1000.rs_prerelease.161202-1928 Platform(s): Windows Desktop Ring: WIF
  3. What are people's opinions of the Paint 3D application. Do you think it's worthy enough to replace the old mspaint.exe
  4. Updated 10.08.16 00:04 BST
  5. ​Welcome to the Edge Extension Port Thread. ​Information down below on what this thread is about. Github is where I will be posting my ported extensions. You may post yours below in the comments if you wish. I have started by porting the Hover Zoom extension to Edge, now on GitHub.​
  6. Build: 10.0.14388.0.rs1_release.160709-1635 Platform(s): Windows Desktop and Windows 10 Mobile (W10M) Ring: Fast
  7. I was supposed to have said that it works with MSIs better because of their easier ability to do silent installs. Sorry about that. I am aware it does work with anything including batch files etc that provide silent installs.
  8. -removed-
  9. All Centennial App packages now only work on 14376
  10. Just to tell everybody the Desktop App Converter only works with MSIs primarily due to their easy silent installations.
  11. Yes please post if you have it working. The more apps we have here, the more we can play with
  12. Ok, if you have added the silent switch, the process should happen of creating the appx or appx folder. If it doesn't work, try using a different version of TeamViewer.
  13. Have you included the silent switch for TeamViewer. -InstallerArguments "(silent switch, whatever that may be)" you need to add this into your powershell command.
  14. NEW UPDATE: If you are running Windows 10 build 14352 and higher, the step 3 is just as easy as clicking on the AppX and installing it!
  15. If you extract the Firefox Centennial Zip, you should get a firefox.appx , frontmotion.cer and frontmotion.pfx. You managed to install the certificate files I see. All you need to do, if you extracted it to the Desktop Just do cd \ cd Users cd (username) cd Desktop cd (whatever folder the appx is inside) Then do Add-AppxPackage Firefox.appx