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[LEAK] Mac OS 7.6.1a10, 7.5.4 Final

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Here's something different. I found it as an update to Mac OS 7.6.0 in the .sit file format. To use it, just extract it using Stuffit in a Mac OS 7.6.0 machine and install it. Despite it's alpha status, 'About This Computer' reports simply '7.6.1' as its version number, for some reason.






On another related note, I also managed to get the final version of Mac OS/System 7.5.4. It was recalled hours before it was to be seeded to developers worldwide (due to some problems affecting the Power Macintosh 5400/6400 models), but it still managed to get out to some places. 7.5.5 is a copy of 7.5.4 that has these bugs fixed and nothing else changed, so don't expect 7.5.4 to be different from 7.5.5. It's not too common, so I thought that I would link to it here.




Just extract it to a machine running 7.5.3 using StuffIt, and update.



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