Access 95 Beta

    By Overdoze,

    It's been a while since I last posted some old warez. Recently I found another Microsoft Access 95 beta from August 1995. Download here.

    Who still uses XP here?

    Touko White
    By Touko White,

    A good question I want to present, since I guess you can use these forums for general technical and computer discussion too. It makes a nice change to just latest and found preview builds, even though they are interesting, of course.


    Who still uses XP, though? I do, first OS I used, and still my favourite. I run it in a VM since a short time ago, and probably use it just as much as I use OS X, it works absolutely fine for my uses for it.


    Also, who has done the Registry hack to enable updates until 2019?

    Hello to OSBetaArchive

    Touko White
    By Touko White,

    Hello to OSBetaArchive!


    My name is Jamie White, I'm an active forum user, who registered to this forum (via referral from WinWorldPC) because this subject matter interests me: I regularly run VirtualBox, mostly to satisfy my nostalgia appetite for Windows XP, the first operating system I used.


    I'm currently 14 years old and live in England, and manage a website you probably haven't heard of, although gaming isn't exactly something I am interested in anymore, or ever was. Don't take me as another of those immature kids you come across that want Windows 10 pirated without looking for themselves. I'm not like that.


    So, what else do you want to know about me? My avatar and username come from Pokémon Black and White's female protagonist Touko, if you're wondering, and my real last name. I don't particularly care about movies, although like to watch some classic UK sitcom series - I could probably answer any question correctly, about Only Fools and Horses, just to say...


    I love IP.Board, it was the software used on the first website I ever registered to, which would have been back in 2009, and just using a board running it, seems to give me nostalgia, and the feeling of perfection.


    Never use YouTube other than commenting my opinion of such things. I never cared for YouTube, unlike anyone else I know, except maybe my family, it's not something I want to do (uploading videos of me playing a game seems pointless). Although I had 313 subscribers when I deleted my old channel, I was never that active, most subscribers were people I'd talked to in comments.


    Hope I enjoy my stay here, and meet here with some other PC enthusiasts and talk about betas and old versions of operating systems that we all love!

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