Windows 10 Insider ISOs

    By ReztaNZ,

    I've decided to start uploading ISOs of the Insider builds that are released, to provide people easier ways to test and clean install the build.

    All ISOs will and are untouched, they are built from the original ESD files.

    Windows 10 Insider ISOs:

    Build 19486.1000 (rs_prerelease.161202-1928) PRO x64 EN-US: Get 14986 ISO

    Build 14997.1001 (rs_onecore_base.161218-0833) ENTERPRISE x64 EN-US: Get 14997 ISO

    Build 15002.1001 (rs_prerelease.170102-1700) PRO x64 EN-US: Get 15002 ISO

    Build 15007.1000 (rs_prerelease.170107-1846) PRO x64 EN-US: Get 15007 ISO

    Build 15014.1000 (rs_prerelease.170115-1253) PRO x64 EN-US: Get 15014 ISO

    Build 15019.1000 (rs_prerelease.170121-1513) PRO x64 EN-US: Get 15019 ISO

    Build 15025.1000 (rs_prerelease.170127-1750) PRO x64 EN-US: Get 15025 ISO


    Paint 3D

    By lucaslurponedl,

    What are people's opinions of the Paint 3D application.


    Do you think it's worthy enough to replace the old mspaint.exe

    [LEAK] Mac OS 7.6.1a10, 7.5.4 Final

    By recycle.bin,



    Here's something different. I found it as an update to Mac OS 7.6.0 in the .sit file format. To use it, just extract it using Stuffit in a Mac OS 7.6.0 machine and install it. Despite it's alpha status, 'About This Computer' reports simply '7.6.1' as its version number, for some reason.






    On another related note, I also managed to get the final version of Mac OS/System 7.5.4. It was recalled hours before it was to be seeded to developers worldwide (due to some problems affecting the Power Macintosh 5400/6400 models), but it still managed to get out to some places. 7.5.5 is a copy of 7.5.4 that has these bugs fixed and nothing else changed, so don't expect 7.5.4 to be different from 7.5.5. It's not too common, so I thought that I would link to it here.




    Just extract it to a machine running 7.5.3 using StuffIt, and update.



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